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Legend (McDowellGeoMap/SKO_McDowell_Skotnicki_GDB_v4)

Peaks (1)
Preserve Trails (2)
McDowell Park Trails (3)
Fountain Hills Trails (4)
Access Areas and Selected Features (5)
Orientation Points (7)
strike and dip of bedding, inclined
strike and dip of bedding, vertical
strike and dip of bedding, overturned
strike and dip of bedding, approximate
gently inclined bedding, 0-30 degrees
inclined flow banding, lamination, layering, or foliation in igneous rock
vertical flow banding, lamination, layering, or foliation in igneous rock
approximate plung direction of inclined lineation or linear structure
inclined lineation or linear structure
inclined fold hinge of small, minor syncline
AZGS.2089 ?
AZGS.2120 ?
Mylonitic fabric, inclilned
AZGS.2165 ?
Flow Foliation alignment in feldspar in unit Yg
Map Boundary (8)
Contacts and Faults (9)
contact, accurate
contact, approximate
landslide, head scarp
high-angle normal fault, accurate
high-angle normal fault, approximate
high-angle normal fault
thrust fault, accurate
various annotated contact
high-angle normal fault, concealed
thrust fault, concealed
Geologic Lines (10)
anticline axis, accurate
anticline axis, approximate
anticline axis, concealed
syncline axis, accurate
syncline axis, approximate
syncline axis, concealed
younger mafic dike
older mafic dike
quartz vein
rhyolite dike
granite dike
Overturned anticline axis, concealed, no marker
Overturned syncline axis, accurate, no marker
Overturned synclined axis, concealed, no marker
Overturned anticline axis, accurate, no marker
Geologic Map Units (11)
<all other values>
Qy - Holocene alluvial deposits (<10 ka)
Qy1 - Older Holocene alluvial deposits (<10 ka)
Ql - Late Pleistocene alluvial deposits (10 to 250 ka)
Qm - Middle Pleistocene alluvial deposits, undivided (250 to 750 ka)
Qm1 - Older Middle Pleistocene alluvial deposits (250 to 750 ka)
Qls - Landslide Deposits - Marcus Landslide (probably Early to Middle Pleistocene)
Qmo - Older to Middle Pleistocene alluvial deposits (500 ka to 2 Ma)
Qo - Early Pleistocene alluvial deposits (750 ka to 2 Ma)
Qc - Colluvium (probably Early to Middle Pleistocene
QTc - Older Colluvium (probably Late Tertiasry to Early Pleistocene)
Qly - Holocene and Late Pleistocene alluvial deposits, undivided (<250 ka)
d - Anthropogenic deposit (< 100 years)
- Unlabeled
Tsy - Younger sedimentary deposits (Late Tertiary)
Tsp - Pemberton Ranch Formation (Late Tertiary)
Tb - Basalt, undifferentiated (Middle Tertiary)
Tb5 - Resistant ridge-capping volcanic flow (Middle Tertiary)
Tta - Fragmental rock, possibly an ash-flow tuff (Middle Tertiary)
Tb4 - Basalt with green spherules (Middle Tertiary)
Tb3 - Olivine basalt (Middle Tertiary)
Tt - Tuff (Middle Tertiary)
Tb2 - Basalt (Middle Tertiary)
Tb1 - Basalt (Middle Tertiary)
Tc - Older Conglomerate, red lower member (Middle Tertiary)
Tcl - Landslide block (Middle Tertiary)
Tcu - Older Conglomerate, tan upper member (Middle Tertiary)
Tm - Mafic volcanic rocks (Middle Tertiary)
Tri - Intrusive rhyolite (Middle Tertiary)
Yx - Mylonite (Mesoproterozoic, possibly Grenville)
Ygm - Medium-grained granite (Mesoproterozoic, possibly Grenville)
Yq - Quartz (mesoproterozoic)
Yg - Coarse-grained granite - Carefree Granite (Mesoproterozoic)
YXg - Coarse-grained granite - Fountain Hills Granite (Mesoproterozoic)
YXd - Gabbro (mesoproterozoic)
Xgm - Mafic granite - Antiguo granite (Mesoproterozoic)
Xm - Mafic intrusions (Mesoproterozoic)
Xf - Quartz porphyry
Xa - Amphibolite. Very small outcrop (Mesoproterozoic)
Xi - Crystal-rich mafic sill in northwest corner of range (Paleoproterozoic or Mesoproterozoic)
Xtu - Taliesin tuff, major map unit
Xtul - Taliesin tuff, lithic-rich and fiamme-rich unit
Xtus - Sandstone unit
Xri - Intrusive rhyolite (Mesoproterozoic)
Xss - Quartz sandstone (Mesoproterozoic)
Xb - Metabasalt (mesoproterozoic)
Xqh - Quartzite within metabasalt (Mesoproterozoic)
Xst - Sandstone or tuff (Mesoproterozoic)
Xr - Fine-grained rhyolite
Xcx - Conglomerate/Breccia (Mesoproterozoic)
Xtm - Nedio tuff (Mesoproterozoic)
Xvg - Diamictite (Mesoproterozoic)
Xtr - Resistant light gray ash-flow tuff
Xtt - Thompson Peak Tuff, lithic-rich unit
Xqt - Thin sandstone or tuff beds east of Thompson Peak
Xro - Rhyolite
Xtg - Dark gray lithic-rich tuff
Xqc - Clean quartzite
Xquf - Thinly bedded quartzite
Xqu - Upper Pink Quartzite
Xqm - Middle, blue-gray quartzite
Xsm - Schist
Xs - Phyllite and schist
Xql - Lower, blue-gray quartzite
Xtor - Red older ash-flow tuff
Xto - Older ash-flow tuff
Xq - Clean quartzite
Xqs - Micaceous quartzite
Xqcw - Clean quartzite, undifferentiated
Xqcs - Micaceous quartzite, undifferentiated
Xq12 - Clean quartzite
Xq11 - Micaceous fissile quartzite
Xq10 - Quartzite
Xq9 - Micaceous fissile quartzite
Xq8 - Quartzite
Xq7 - Quartzite
Xq7a - Quartzite
Xq7b - Quartzite
Xq6 - Quartzite
Xq5 - Fissile quartzite
Xq4 - Quartzite
Xq3 - Micaceous tan phyllite and fine-grained quartzite
Xq2 - Orange quartzite
Xq1 - Blue-gray quartzite
Xo4 - Volcaniclastic conglomerate
Xo3 - Gray slate and phyllite
Xo2 - Sandstone and conglomerate
Xo1 - Volcanic conglomerate
City roofprints (13)
Local streets (14)
Regional streets (15)