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Generate KML (McDowellGeoMap/SKO_McDowell_Skotnicki_GDB_v4)

Document Name:
    Top Layers(0)
      Preserve Trails(2)
      McDowell Park Trails(3)
      Fountain Hills Trails(4)
      Access Areas and Selected Features(5)
    Geologic Map(6)
      Orientation Points(7)
      Map Boundary(8)
      Contacts and Faults(9)
      Geologic Lines(10)
      Geologic Map Units(11)
    Bottom Layers(12)
      City roofprints(13)
      Local streets(14)
      Regional streets(15)
Layer Options: All layers as a single composite image (Layers can't be turned on and off in client)
Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images